We are currently accepting new applications. 

We offer two tracks. You can choose any one of them or both. 

Track One: (10 AM – 11 AM EST) Talmudic Study and Jewish Mysticism

Track Two: (3 PM – 4 PM EST) A Variety of Judaic Studies (Chassidic Stories, Jewish History, Philosophy, Modern Commentators, Jewish Law)

Track One studies Talmud daily and the specific tractate is called “Brochos” which is the first tractate of the Talmud. This is a text base study but don’t worry since everything will be translated into English. You can expect to pick up Talmudic logic which is something that the nations of the world are quite intrigued about. You will also pick up some great Talmudic sayings and stories.

Jewish Mysticism will delve into mysteries that transcend ordinary human knowledge. Also known as Chassidic philosophy and is based largely on the works of the Kabbalah such as the Zohar and the writings of the Kabbalists of Safed in the 16th Century. It will give you an entirely new outlook on life and offer tremendous inspiration..

Track One is a "6-days-a-week" program. Sunday through Friday 10 AM – 11 AM.

The topics are as follows:

Sunday, Monday, Tues - Talmud Brochos

Wednesday - Talmud Brochos and Chassidic Discourse

Thursday - Talmud Brochos 

Friday- Talmud Brochos and Chassidic Discourse

Track Two is a variety of many Judaic subjects. Each day you will take a new journey through the library of Judaic wisdom. There is no need to know Hebrew or Yiddish.

Sundays - A Lecture from the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the weekly Torah portion

Mondays - Discussion about England's Chief Rabbi's insights on the weekly Torah portion

Tuesdays - Guest Speakers  

Wednesdays -  Jewish History - the book of Samuel 1

Thursdays - Laws of Shabbos

Track Two is a 5 days a week program. Sunday through Thursday 3PM – 4PM.

Program Dates

The Winter semester began Tuesday, the 3rd of Teves, 5782 (December 7th, 2021.) It ends Tuesday, the 4th of Nissan (Apr 5th.)

Semester Stipend Info   

The purpose of the stipend is to be an incentive to come every day, on time, and to think about your studies and write a short essay. Not everyone takes the stipend, but if you need the incentive, we encourage you to take it. 

For Track One - Come every day and write an essay once a week $90 per month. (5 times Chai)

For Track Two - Come every day write an essay once a week $72 per month. (4 times Chai)

Join both tracks and write essays Total $162 per month

Those in elder facilities have a different stipend package. Please call us for more info. 

In order to receive the stipend for coming and for writing the essays, please send in all 4 essays for the month in one email with 4 attachments and clarify if you missed more than one day per week or ever came more than 10 minutes late. 

If one month you cannot come every day because of guests and/or doctor appointments, we encourage you to try to keep up with the classes at your own time, listening to our Youtube channel. This way, you will keep up to date on the classes and have an easier time when you are able to fully participate. 

Essay Info

Simply write or type a one-page essay of 150 words about any subject that was studied that week. This can be a synopsis of the class as long as you include a thought of your own (or that you found on the internet) such as: A question that bothered you, an insight, a story or an experience you had that connects to the topic studied. Any small point that was not mentioned in the class that is connected to the discussion is good. Please type that addition of your own, in BOLD. Feel free to search the internet for information to write about. Be careful to search a kosher and authentic Jewish site such as Chabad.org, asktherav.com, dinonline.org, sefaria.org, aish.com, etc. 

Fine Print

Missing one class per week is fine. Missed classes are expected to be made-up by listening to those classes on Youtube. Search the United Jewish Generations Channel on Youtube and find the missed lesson. If something comes up and you need to be excused, please send an email to [email protected]

Please be considerate of others. No politics. Please join on time. Coming late, leaving early or listening to both, Torah  classes and your tv/phone/radio at the same time, is considered as a No-Show. We reserve the right to make changes to our policies, guidelines, stipend, etc at any time. We reserve the right to terminate anyone's participation at any time, if we feel you are interrupting, bothering, harassing or promoting something other than the study of our Holy Torah and connecting to Hashem. Additionally, if we feel someone is not benefiting from this program as much as we would like, or if they simply don't fit in with the group, or if we feel they will benefit more elsewhere, we reserve the right to exclude them from the program at any time. 

More info is available on the  Questions and Answers section.  

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