The first semester will start after the Sukkos holiday. The first day will be Monday, October 19, 2020 and the semester will conclude on Thursday March 18, 2021.We will offer two tracks.

Track One: (10 AM – 11 AM) Talmudic Study and Jewish Mysticism

Track Two: (3 PM – 4 PM) A Variety of Judaic Studies (Chassidic Stories, Jewish History, Philosophy, Modern Commentators, Jewish Law)

Track One will study the Talmud daily and the chosen tractate is called “Brochos” which is the first tractate of the Talmud. This is a text base study but don’t worry since everything will be translated into English. You can expect to pick up Talmudic logic which is something that the nations of the world are quite intrigued about. You will also pick up some great Talmudic sayings and stories.

Jewish Mysticism will delve into mysteries that transcend ordinary human knowledge. This class will be based on the book called “Tanya.” This is the foundation of Chassidic philosophy and is based largely on the works of the Kabbalah such as the Zohar and the writings of the Kabbalists of Safed in the 16th Century. It will give you an entirely new outlook on life and offer tremendous inspiration.

Both classes will take place daily. Talmud for 30-45 minutes and Jewish Mysticism for 15-30 minutes.

Track One is a 5 days a week program. Monday through Friday 10 AM – 11 AM.

Track Two is a variety of many Judaic subjects. Each day you will be take a new journey through the library of Judaic wisdom. None of these are textual based studies and there is no need to know Hebrew or Yiddish.

Sundays - Inspirational Chassidic Stories

Mondays - Jewish History - the book of Judges

Tuesdays - Discussion about England's Chief Rabbi's insights on the weekly Torah portion

Wednesdays - a Lecture from the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the weekly Torah portion

Thursdays - Ethics of our fathers/Laws of Shabbos

Track Two is a 5 days a week program. Sunday through Thursday 3PM – 4PM.