1. I have doctor appointments and I can’t commit to coming every day at that time. Can I still join? Yes. We understand that it will be impossible for most people to come every single day, so try to make your schedule around this program. If you need to miss, it should not be more than once a week. Generally, classes are uploaded online at our Youtube channel "United Jewish Generations" and you will be expected to make up what you miss. For those without a computer, you will be expected to read up on what you missed. 

2. I have an older computer and I would like you to provide me with a computer instead of my old one. How do I go about that? We will provide you with a used computer, possibly a chromebook or a refurbished computer, if you think that your computer will not be sufficient for our program. Please call (305) 770-4540 and leave your name and number on the machine.
3. I don’t want a computer and I don’t want to learn how to use computers. Can I still join with my telephone? We will allow you to join with a telephone although it is not the preferable way to participate and we would like you to try to join by computer for many reasons including the benefits of feeling part of our community and being a true participant not just an outsider.
4. Will these topics change or are they set in stone? Topics will change. We may offer our participants to choose between topics and therefore keep checking in with us about any change of subjects.

5. What books do I need? For the Morning track Men's Kollel, you will need 1 book called Tractate Taanis. There are two publishers that are available in bookstores or online. Artscroll Shottenstein Talmud Brochos Volume 2 and the Koren Talmud Tractate Brochos (complete in one voume.)

For the afternoon track, you will need 2 books. 1. Book of "KINGS 1." Either the English or English/Hebrew Tanach by Artscroll, the Rubin Edition of the Book of "Samuel 1 & 2," The Living Nach Volume 1 by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, the "Book of Kings 1" by Judaica Press, etc etc. The 2nd book you will need is the Summarized Code of Jewish Law by Rabbi Ganzfried and tranlated into english either by Moznaim Pulishers or by Artscroll or by Metsudah. 

Our program is subject to change. Bezras Hashem all participants will be notified via email or
phone prior to any changes taking effect.

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