In order to receive the stipend for coming and for writing the essays, please send in all 4 essays for the month in one email with 4 attachments and clarify if you missed more than one day per week or ever came more than 10 minutes late. 

If one month you cannot come every day because of guests and/or doctor appointments, we encourage you to try to keep up with the classes at your own time, listening to our Youtube channel. This way, you will keep up to date on the classes and have an easier time when you are able to fully participate. 


Essay Info

Simply write or type a one-page essay of 150 words about any subject that was studied that week. This can be a synopsis of the class as long as you include a thought of your own (or that you found on the internet) such as: A question that bothered you, an insight, a story or an experience you had that connects to the topic studied. Any point that was not mentioned in the class that is connected to the discussion is good. Please type that addition of your own, in BOLD. Feel free to search the internet for information to write about. Be careful to search a kosher and authentic Jewish site such as,,,,, etc.